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Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. The heart knows when. - Cindy

People all over the globe are experiencing
The 11:11 phenomenon

Do you see it everywhere?
Do you seem to look, knowing it will be there before you have seen it?
Does it pop up in profound or weird places?
Do you think it might have meaning beyond just a time of day?
Does it feel like something, maybe even yourself is trying to get your attention?

You are not alone!

Share your story with us. Put a pin on the map, join us in chat.
Come and share your truth as you see it on our free and open forum.
All opinions count and free speech is applied at all costs.
Much more than 11:11 gets talked about and perhaps that is the point.
Tell us what's on your mind.

Share yourself. Be a chapter in our living book. Welcome!

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